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Dear Mr. Lehman,

I met you last summer at my grandma‘s house. Since then my grandma gave me your Dog Island trilogy to read. I have just finished the third book. I enjoyed all of the books very much.  I thought they were very well written.

I enjoyed learning about a native boy’s struggle to decide to live by the “old ways” or by the “white man’s ways.” The most interesting thing I read was when Raymond and his step brother went to Dog Island on his snowmobile and crashed on the lake. It was packed with adventure and drama. I thought the mystery was very suspenseful and it inspired me to keep reading.

I understand that Raymond’s search to find his grandfather ends when he resolves that he can be an indian and a white man. He says, “I can have a job as a mechanic, have both indian and white friends and I know I can live by the old ways if I want to.”  I am glad that Raymond was able to find his true place in life.

I imagine that as a teacher in Slave Lake you may have met many boys like Raymond.

Thank you for the enjoyable reading experience.




Dear Mr. Lehman

I am doing a book report on one of your books and am having a hard time finding information on you for my Biography part of my report. I am a grade 8 student and have chosen your book for my Canadian author project. Can you please assist me in completing this portion. Thank you for your time.


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