About the books

The Mystery of Dog Island: The story involves Raymond, an Aboriginal boy, torn between two cultures, humorous anecdotes from a blended white and Aboriginal family situation, a snowmobile camping trip that ends in a serious crash, winter survival, and a mysterious dog sled ride with a team of phantom huskies.

Return to Dog Island: Return To Dog Island is about Raymond, an aboriginal boy, torn between two cultures. Follow Raymond’s continuing saga as he searches for his grandfather who went missing in a blizzard on Dog Island. Learn about Raymond’s culture and history from his dreams and experiences. These include mishaps in a bog and on the island.

North of Dog Island: North of Dog Island continues the saga of Raymond, an aboriginal boy, whose grandfather went missing in a blizzard on Dog Island. Now a young man, Raymond continues his search for Mosôm and learns more about his culture. Nothing could prepare him for the final events in his search for Mosôm north of Dog Island.


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