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A Great Christmas gift idea for a reader or someone you want to get reading.

The Mystery on Dog Island series, by Aaron A. Lehman will make a great Christmas gift for a teen or older reader. In the series, Raymond, an Aboriginal boy grows from a fourteen year old to a young family man. Learn history and Aboriginal culture through Raymond’s adventures solving the mystery on Dog Island. The three books are, Mystery on Dog Island, Return to Dog Island and North of Dog Island. The setting of Dog Island in Lesser Slave lake, Alberta is real, but the story is fiction. Each book is $15, or you can get the set for $40. Check out Aaron’s other books: Friends of the Fencerow, A Book of Stories for Children and Others, Stories of Science with Dudley Dummkopf, Memories and Stories, Opie the Octopus, Haiku volume one and two, and Canada Song.

Order the books from me at email:   aaronwl @

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