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Friends of the Fencrow

More Than a Good Read
Author Aaron A. Lehman explains how his books and stories have life lessons for readers young and old.

Friends of the Fencerow
Friends of the Fencerow is a story about an eight year old boy Kevin and his kitten Heaven. Of course, Kevin has a ten year old sister, Wendy. Between a mischievous kitten and a bothersome sister, Kevin has plenty of trouble. This story is a good read for a young reader or a book that can be used as a bedtime story book. More than this, the book treats some life issues that confront children today, such as a divided family, where their life is shared between two parents at two different homes. It also presents growing up issues dealing with bothersome siblings, traumatic situations, like Chapter Three “Disaster In the Garden,” and Chapter Four “Fire In The Fencerow.” It also presents the situation of leaving a family home and moving to a new area and school. In spite of these troubles, Kevin survives and the book has a positive and happy ending. This book is an enjoyable story, but also presents learning opportunities for a young reader.


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