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More Than a Good Read

More Than a Good Read
Author Aaron A. Lehman explains how his books and stories have life lessons for young and old readers.

Mystery on Dog Island Trilogy
Mystery on Dog Island follows Raymond, an Aboriginal boy as he grows up and faces the challenges of being a Treaty Indian in a blended family. His mother and father are divorced and his father lives in the northern lakes region of Alberta, Canada. His mother is a Treaty Indian, but is living the life of a “white” woman. She is currently married to a “white” man who is Raymond’s step-father. He has a son who is Raymond’s step-brother and then there is little Emily. Many readers may relate to this or a similar situation and can see how Raymond deals with the problems that arise. Raymond also learns about his history and the Aboriginal culture from an elder in “Old Town.” The reader will see Raymond facing and resolving prejudice, rejection, and some life threatening situations. The Mystery is the avenue for conveying the various messages in a factual, yet humorous fashion. This is a good read for all ages. Aaron has written a Teacher’s Guide for the series that gives Grade 5 and 6 teachers some ideas for including the books in the Alberta Grade 5 Social Studies and Grade 6 English Language Arts curriculum.


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