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Castorland neighbors in Memories and Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Kunkle were an older couple that lived down the hill from us. They had a big two story house, but I don’t remember any children. Mr. Kunkle would come to our place to get his quart of milk and Dad would take time to visit. Mr. Kunkle was a Catholic, and, as I recall, drove a Studebaker with a Virgin Mary on the dashboard. I don’t remember any great religious discussions, but I’m sure some people figured they were trying to convert each other. This was something Dad never did. I remember Mr. Kunkle saying he always prayed when he was driving, because one never knew when they might be killed. I’m sure he was ready to go, but I figured it was a good thing for him to pray, as long as he kept driving a Studebaker.

Kunkles lived across the street from Zecher’s garage
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