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Zecher’s Garage

I mention Zecher’s Garage in my new book, Memories and stories.B9B 1466189_1411150319120251_1867348825_n

Some of my friends had store bought, fancy go carts, but I made my own. With a few scraps of wood, the worn out wheels from my wagon, and some bolts and nails, I built a go-cart. Again, the downhill lawn and driveway provided the grade for racing the go-cart. I use the word “racing” lightly, because the worn out wheels and the rough gravel of the driveway, provided enough friction to ensure a slow ride. I always made sure not to go into the street. To provide a semblance of steering, I made a swiveling arrangement for the front axle and wheels. By attaching a rope on each side, I could pull the wheels left or right. I pushed off, climbed in, and steered the cart down the hill. One day I decided that I needed a steering wheel. I picked up a junk steering wheel from Zecher’s garage, and fastened the left and right ropes to the steering column with a pulley system. Fancy! Only one problem. When I turned the steering wheel to the right, the cart turned left. This could be fixed by reversing the ropes, but I never did solve the major play in the system. The steering wheel had to rotate several times before the cart actually turned right; then I had to spin it to the left several rotations


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