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Castorland Story (Baseball at the Hay Lot)

(Baseball at the Hay Lot) a story in A Book of Stories for Children and Others.

Down the walkway I ran to the Main Street, glancing quickly both ways, and then hopping onto the sidewalk that led up the hill to our home. I was in a hurry to get to the hay lot, but I had some after school errands to run. Across the street, stood the tired looking general store with its big front porch, and heavy, double doors. There was no time to go in, and wish for a piece of candy from behind the cloudy glass counter.
Next to the store, a long building stretched out with its sloping metal roof, rusty looking siding and two separate doors. The side door opened to the post office. Inside, rows of mail boxes, and a window covered with bars, partially hid the Post Master. I could see Eddie, running up hill along the short cut.
I opened our mail box, and quickly pulled out the letters. I promised Mother I wouldn’t lose anything this time.
I hope Eddie has some chores to do before he gets to play ball.
I still had to go to the hardware store to get some nails for Father. I opened the front door to the hardware store and went directly to the barrels containing different sized nails.
“What can I do for you, young man?” asked Mr. Hershey.
“My dad needs two pounds of eight penny nails. He’ll pay later.”
This is taking Mr. Hershey forever to fork out the nails.
Eddie will be home by now, and I’m still stuck in the hardware store.
I ran up the hill for home, and my body was invigorated as I breathed in the brisk fall air. The large Maple trees arching over the sidewalk, with their brilliant orange, red, and yellow colours, lifted my spirits. Reaching the top of the hill, I sprinted onto the level stretch, then up the driveway to the farmhouse with its sagging screen door, and sloughing white paint.
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