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Review of “A Book of Stories for Children and Others”



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A Children’s Book for All Ages!

By Ann Bradderick on January 25, 2014

Meet “Billy the Bully,” “Chuckie the Woodchuck and “Sir Ferdinand,” the goldfish. These are only a few of the many delightful characters the author introduces his readers to. These stories will appeal to young and old alike.

Many of Aaron Lehman’s stories invite the reader to go back to an era when childhood was a time of learning mostly from nature herself, where children made a deeper connection to nature by being outdoors more. There was no internet, cell phones and/or iPads to keep you from looking up and far away! It
was a time of greater imagination and creativity (read “Sammy’s Snow Slider”).

Aaron’s book also contains beautifully evocative sketches which bring you back to those times and places that contain the memories of even more stories you have yet to retell to the children in your life.


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