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New Series- Stories of Science with Dudley Dummkopf
Aaron A. Lehman
Jan. 2, 2014
Splash! Splash!
“Dudley! Stop that splashing.”
“I’m taking a bath. A little water wouldn’t hurt you either, Mr. A.”
“Watch it. You’re not exactly squeaky clean, you know. Oh, I forgot, you’re just Dudley Dummkopf. You’ve had enough time in the public bath. Here’s your towel. Now we have to get to work.”
Archimedes and his side kick Dudley Dummkopf, returned to the laboratory and worked all day, trying to answer questions about the buoyancy of water.
“Why do things float in water,” Dudley asked. “Why do some things float better than others? What makes some things sink?”
“Hold on there Dudley, I’m asking the same questions, but haven’t found any good answers.”
“Well, what do you know so far?”
“Everything is made up of something.”
“Wow, even I could think up that one.”
“Now hold on Dudley,” Mr. A said. “Whatever that something is, we say it has mass and that mass takes up space. We call that volume.”
“Big whoopee. Who cares?”
“Well, Dudley, I’m a scientist and like to find out things.”
“What are you doing with that chunk of wood?”
“You see, Dudley, this chunk of wood is made of wood.
“Duh! Wait a minute Mr. A, I’m supposed to be the dummy.”
“This chunk is made of a substance we call wood and it has mass. I’m measuring it to find out how much space it takes up.”
“That will be its volume,” Dudley offered.
“Yes! See, if you try, you may learn something and not be such a dummkopf.”


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