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Silo Boy
The Story Behind the Story
Aaron A. Lehman
Oct 29, 2013
Here is the story behind the story “Silo Boy,” in A book of Stories for Children and Others.
When Dianne Tchir was leading the Slave Lake Writers Group, one of her exercises for the group was to develop a story around a character as he/she viewed a landscape. We had to include a sketch of a map. The idea of viewing a farm from the top of a silo popped into my head. I remembered looking at the family farm yard from the top of our silo as a boy. In 15 minutes, I sketched the map and described the farm, but what about the character? My character developed and I quickly described some ideas for a plot. Time up! My colleagues liked my idea and said I should work on it. Work on it, I did. I couldn’t leave it alone for the next few days. By the next meeting, my story had three chapters! I left copies with the other members of our group for their scrutiny. They took it seriously and leveled some harsh criticism along with some helpful suggestions. I was determined. It required a great deal more research, especially concerning US state laws and the transport of prisoners. After a lot of editing and proof reading by several people, this sketch developed into the story “Silo Boy.” Did it have a place in A book of Stories for Children and Others? I thought it would, especially for Others. My decision was ratified, when I received confirmation from a reader who thought Silo Boy was the best story in the book. What do you think?
Why don’t you try to write your own story for this assignment. Send it to me.


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