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Trainload of Trouble

“Help!  Help!” someone yelled.

From a distance Drew recognized his friend Roy.

“Help me!” Roy screamed.

As he headed along the shortcut, Drew picked up speed.  He could see Roy and his mangled bicycle caught in the rigging of a flatcar.  Holding on for dear life, Roy screamed again.  Raymond recognized the predicament of his friend.  Somehow, when Roy was attempting to cross the track, the rigging on the flatcar caught the front wheel of the bicycle.   Now, he and his bicycle were being carried along with the train.

Drew didn’t know how long Roy could hold on, but he knew he had to take action to save his friend from serious injury.
“Hang on!” Drew tried to yell above the noise of the train and the blowing whistle.
The train slowed down, going through town, and Drew knew what to do.
I’ll gain momentum by running alongside, and then I’ll grab onto the frame of the car in front of Roy. I can climb back to his car, and help him hold on. We can jump off at the school crossing.
Drew knew if he didn’t do this perfectly, he could break his fingers, and be pulled under the screeching wheels of the train. With one final stride, and a kick of his powerful leg, he grabbed for a cross bar and swung onto the train.
“Help!” Roy screamed in pain.
“Hang on. I’m coming!”
Just then Drew realized how dangerous this was going to be. If Roy stayed where he was, he would smash head first into the fast approaching end of the railroad bridge and be killed instantly. Drew’s NO FEAR tee shirt began to shake with fear as the adrenalin started to pump throughout his body. With steady feet, trained on the skateboard, he manoeuvred across the linkage between the two cars, first one foot then the other.
“Help!” Terror rang through Roy’s voice.
Getting loose would mean rolling down the embankment to the river below, and that could end in death.
“Hold on!” Drew yelled as he lunged forward to grab Roy by the arm, and with his last bit of energy pulled him to safety. A split second later, the flatcar thundered across the bridge. The bicycle hit the end of the bridge, and bicycle projectiles went flying in all directions, some landing in the river.


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    See you at Shopper’s Drug mart on May 15th @ 12:30 sharp okay???

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