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Mystery on Dog Island an e-book with Kindle

Mystery on Dog Island


Aaron A. Lehman

Now available as an e-book

Raymond, a fourteen year old Aboriginal boy, is torn between two cultures.  He lives in a blended family with all of the modern conveniences of a white Canadian family, yet wants to learn more about his Aboriginal culture.  His Cree mother tries to shelter him from the pain of the past.  As a rebellious teenager, he learns about his grandfather (mosôm) from a Cree woman (elder) in Old Town.  His grandfather went missing in a blizzard on Dog Island in Lesser Slave Lake and has never been found.  Raymond restores an old snowmobile and takes a winter excursion to the island with his twelve year old step brother Larry, to find some clues about the disappearance of his grandfather.  The trip ends in a serious crash on an ice ridge.  Raymond uses his first aid and winter survival skills to prevent death from hypothermia.  During this time, he discovers a mystery on the island.  Does he find Mosôm?  Read the book and find out.


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