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Heaven in the Fencerow- Chapter one of Friends of the Fencerow

 Chapter 1

Heaven in the Fencerow


“Help!” Kevin yelled from a low branch hanging over the barbed wire fence of the fencerow.  The rusty wire fence was now overgrown with a tangle of trees, shrubs, grape vines, and poison ivy.

“Dad!  Help!  Heaven is stuck in a tree.”

Eight year old Kevin loved to climb in the trees along the fencerow that separated the family yard from a park.  His kitten, Heaven, followed him everywhere, including up the sprawling maple trees.  Now, she was stuck high between two branches of a large maple tree, growing in the corner of the yard.

“Come here,” Kevin called, but Heaven couldn’t pull loose.  Kevin’s arms were getting tired and his branch was bending closer to the sharp points on the fence.

“Help!” he yelled again.

“What’s the matter?” Father called from the garden.  The garden plot was located in one corner of a large yard.  A tall, white and green two story house stood stately on the other corner, masking its age of over one hundred years.

“Where are you?” he called, as he opened the gray metal gate of the chain link fence around the garden.

“Over here!” Kevin yelled.  “Help me!”

“Hang on!” Father yelled, as he pulled himself up into the tree and grabbed Kevin’s arm.

“Heaven’s stuck in the branches.  Boost me up, so I can reach her,” Kevin asked.


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