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Mystery on Dog Island Trilogy

Aaron A. Lehman

            Three fictional books by Aaron A. Lehman give factual information about Alberta, its history and Aboriginal culture, in an interesting and amusing presentation.

Order Form

Book                                                    Price                            Number                       Total

Mystery on Dog Island-                       $15.00                         _____                          _____

Return to Dog Island-                           $15.00                        _____                           _____

North of Dog Island-                            $15.00                        _____                           _____

Set of all three-                                   $40.00                         _____                          _____

Teacher’s Guide for Mystery on Dog Island coordinated with the Alberta Gr. 5 Social Studies & Gr. 6 English Curriculum-                      $15.00                            _____                                ____  

Teacher Special: Teacher’s Guide free with a set of three books.

Set of three books plus Teacher’s Guide- $40.00                      _____                             _____

Friends of the Fencerow-                       $10.00                           _____                              _____

Sub Total-_____

Plus shipping__?__

Total-      ______

Send order to:        Aaron A. Lehman            Slave Lake, AB           T0G 2A2              780 849 3574


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