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Dog Island

Dog Island

How did it form?

How did it get its name?

Why did the paddle wheelers stop here?

Read the Dog Island trilogy and find out?  Send me the answers.



Dog Island Blues

Copyright 2010

Aaron A. Lehman

Extra! Extra!

Here’s the latest

Uncle Henry’s got
the Dog Island Blues.  (Dog Gone Blues)
last chorus.


He came to the
island to have a look around.

But there were no
dogs to be found.

He stepped on an
ant hill and out came the ants.

Now the whole
family climbed up his pants.




The dogs have all
gone, but somebody said

In the olden days
there was a homestead.

The sled dogs
pulled to bring the mail.

On the lake
through snow and hail.




The dogs they
worked on the winter ice

But stayed on the
island when the summer was nice.

The travelers came
by steamer wheel.

Then off to the
house for a hearty meal.




Then off to
Grouard and the mighty Peace.

To claim a
homestead or sign a lease.

To pan for gold
and strike it rich.

To get the crabs
and the seven year itch.

The island with
the ants looked mighty fine.

Help me get out of
this dark hole mine.




Now Uncle Henry
found a wife

And settled down
for the rest of his life.

They built a cabin
by the lake

To see how many
children they could make.


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